What we Believe

Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  • God made the universe and sustains it. He is present and active in the world today, and, as our heavenly Father, loves each of us personally.
  • Jesus is God's son, who lived, died, and rose from death. In his life he showed us how to live as God wants. His death on the cross brings us back into a relationship with God, which we have broken by our sin (wrong thoughts, words, and deeds).
  • God gives his Holy Spirit to each of his followers to help us show God's love and power in our lives.
  • The Bible is God’s word which teaches us about him and shows us how to live as Christians.
  • We have to respond personally to all God has done for us, admitting our need for him, and changing to live in the way he wants.
  • God wants his people to share together in prayer, worship, and learning, to encourage one another in the Christian life, and to grow together as his family. He tells us to love and serve one another as he loves us.
  • God calls us to go out and tell others about Jesus so that they can know his love and forgiveness for themselves. He also calls us to work with him in the world so that his kingdom can break in.

Distinctive Values

  • We believe that God’s Spirit is active in his church and the world today. We endeavour to be open to him, such as in ministries of healing and prophecy.
  • To experience the joy of growing as Christians, we need to invite the Holy Spirit to work in us and transform us into the likeness of Jesus. As a church we want to encourage and support people in this journey.
  • God’s Spirit gives each of us ‘gifts’ to help us serve him better. We want to help people to discover these and to learn to use them to build up the church and serve God in the world.
  • The Bible is as relevant today as it was when it was first written. We aim to provide teaching which will help people to see the Bible’s application to their own lives.
  • All people are of equal value to God, and we too value them equally.
  • We aim to provide a local family of support and love for all our members whatever their situation, while respecting the value of their own families.
  • We are committed to encourage young people to know, love, and follow Jesus, and to support parents in the central part they have to play in their children’s Christian growth.
  • Our congregation includes people from a variety of Christian backgrounds (Baptist, the Church of England, Methodist, URC, and others), and those with no church background. We welcome, value, and encourage the depth and richness this brings to our church life.
  • Regular prayer and worship are central in developing and expressing our relationship with God and our Christian character. We want to help and encourage people in deepening their personal and collective prayer and worship.
  • We believe that Jesus came to bring God’s kingdom on earth. We commit ourselves to work with those with whom we share a common cause to bring justice and peace.
  • We want to show people what Jesus means to us in our actions, words, and the quality of our lives. Through this witness we want to help others come to Christ.
  • Jesus worked with a small group training them in discipleship. Likewise we view small groups as very important in the life of our church and encourage all members to join.
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